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How to Get Your Spouse on Board with Budgeting

You might be ready to make a budget and improve your financial situation, but what if your spouse isn't quite as gung-ho? How can you bridge that gap and get to a point where you're working together? How can you get your spouse on board without making them feel pressured or targeted? Here are a few things you can try.

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How to Start Budgeting from Scratch

My goal is not really to help you make a "budget". My goal is to help you set up a system that allows you to use your money purposefully without all the stress that comes with a traditional budget. If I were starting from scratch, here are the steps I would take to set up my budget. In fact, it's pretty close to the actual steps I took way back when.

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Flexible But Purposeful: A Budgeting Motto I Took From Chris Guillebeau

A lot of people think of budgeting as way to save for the future by setting strict limits on how you live today. But to me, budgeting is about creating a system that allows you to be purposeful over the long-term while staying flexible in the short term. When it's done right, it actually gives you more freedom to enjoy your daily life without worry.

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THIS, Not THAT, Is the Real Point of Budgeting

It's the start of a new year, and if you've resolved to take control of your financial situation you might be thinking that your first step is to make a budget. It's a good idea, but before you jump in I'd like to talk about WHY you're actually budgeting. Knowing why can help you avoid common mistakes and find a system that actually works.

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