How Much Does Financial Freedom Cost?

How Much Does Financial Freedom Cost? thumbnail

Financial independence is the freedom to make decisions based on what makes you happy instead of what makes you money. It's the ultimate financial goal AND you can get there a lot sooner than you think. So, how much money do you need to be fully independent? And how much financial freedom do you already have? Let's run the numbers...

A Lifetime of Happiness

A Lifetime of Happiness thumbnail

Do you ever feel stuck in the cycle of delayed gratification? Most personal finance advice can make it feel like your life is supposed to be one big grind until some abstract future point in time when you'll finally be allowed to enjoy yourself. But good financial planning is about facilitating happiness at all stages of life.

The Dark Side of Free Financial Advice

The Dark Side of Free Financial Advice thumbnail

There's no such thing as free financial advice. In some cases there are hidden costs. In others there are hidden incentives. These things matter because they affect the recommendations you get, which affect your ability to reach your financial goals. Here are some ways you're paying for financial advice even when it seems like it's free.

The Certainty of Uncertainty

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"Uncertainty always remains. All we can do is get comfortable." When it comes to money there is ALWAYS an inherent amount of uncertainty. There are always things you can't plan for. Things you don't see coming. Things you simply can't control. The best thing you can do is embrace it, accept it, and learn how to adapt.

How to Automate Your Savings with Variable Income

How to Automate Your Savings with Variable Income thumbnail

Just about every person I know who's been able to continually improve their financial situation does one thing well: automate their savings. But it's not always an easy habit to implement when your income fluctuates from month-to-month. This post a lays out a 7-step process you can follow no matter how variable your monthly income is.

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