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I know how hard it is to balance all of your competing financial responsibilities.

You want to be able to pay your bills, save for the future, and enjoy yourself in the meantime, all without feeling burdened or stressed about money.

But you’re not sure how to do it. And you don’t know how to get direct answers to your specific questions because, let’s face it, financial advice from a professional you trust at a price you can afford is impossible to find.

That’s why I offer the Jump Start Session, a pay-what-you-want financial planning session with a Certified Financial Plannertm, designed to help you take control of your financial situation no matter where you’re starting from.

What Is a Jump Start Session?

The Jump Start Session is a financial planning session where you pay-what-you-want, meaning you set the price based on what you think is fair and what you can afford to pay.

Once you’ve scheduled your session, I send you an online questionnaire so that you can tell me about your goals and your current financial situation. Then we meet for an hour over video chat, focusing on the topics that are most important to you, identifying the most efficient ways for you to reach your goals, and laying out the specific action steps needed to get there.

Afterwards, I follow up with a written summary of my recommendations so that you know exactly what you need to do to improve your financial situation. And if you want more guidance beyond that initial session, I offer plenty of options to make that happen.

You have a lot you want to do with your family now. And you have a lot you want to do in the future.

Together we can find the right balance so that you can make progress towards those future goals while still enjoying yourself today.

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What Will We Cover?

Any and all financial topics are on the table. The Jump Start Session is all about helping you make progress on the things you care about most.

But here’s a quick list of potential topics we could discuss:

  • Balancing your monthly expenses with saving for the future, while leaving room to enjoy yourself along the way
  • Investing and saving for retirement, including which accounts to use and which investments to choose
  • Creating a specific savings plan for things like buying a house or building an emergency fund
  • Paying off your student loans and other debt as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Managing a career change or the switch to a single income
  • Saving for your child’s future, including recommendations around 529 plans and other college savings accounts
  • Evaluating your need for life and disability insurance, as well as wills and other estate planning needs

If you’d like guidance from a fee-only Certified Financial Plannertm at a price you can afford, click the button below to get started.

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