Smart Investing for Your 20s and 30s

My mission is to help you use your money in a way that gives you the freedom to live a life you enjoy.

Whether you're brand new to investing or you've been doing it for years, this book gives you the tools to put yourself on the path to financial independence.

Simple. Effective. Evidence-based. This book has everything you need to know about investing and nothing you don't.

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Smart Investing gives you everything you need to create an investment plan that helps you reach your biggest personal goals.

"This book was years in the making. It contains everything I've learned about investing - from my professional training, my personal experience, and from working one-on-one with clients - boiled down to just the essential information you need to get your personal plan on the right track."

Matt Becker - Fee-Only Financial Planner, Founder of Mom and Dad Money

Simple and Evidence-Based

No matter where you're starting from, this book will help you create an investment plan that you understand AND that helps you reach your biggest personal goals. Based on the best academic research we have to date, these are the simple, time-tested investment principles that actually work.

Built-In Accountability

I'm committed to helping you create a better life through smarter investing. After buying the book you'll get a series of emails from me that keep you on track and help you implement each step of your investment plan. We're in this together.