Staying Safe With DIY Car Repairs

I’m incredibly excited to welcome Laurie from The Frugal Farmer here today. She’s got some really important thoughts on a topic that I still have much to learn about. Enjoy! Greetings, Mom and Dad Money readers! I’ve been loving the great tips in Matt’s series on DIY car maintenance. This is an area where a fan of frugal can save… Read more

How to Do an Oil Change for Your Car (Part 2)

Welcome to the newest installment of my DIY car maintenance series. This week is Part 2 of my overview on changing your car’s oil and we’ll be looking at the specific steps you need to take to do the oil change. If you want a detailed look at the tools and supplies needed for an oil change, please check out… Read more

How to Do an Oil Change for Your Car (Part 1)

Welcome to the second installment of my series on DIY car maintenance. Last time we learned how to change your car’s battery. The topic this week: how to do an oil change. Just to remind anyone who isn’t already familiar with this series, I am not a mechanic. In fact, I am about as far from a mechanic as possible… Read more

DIY Car Maintenance: How to Change a Car Battery

Full disclosure: Some of the links to products within this post are affiliate links and will earn me money if you purchase the product. As always, I only include affiliate links for products I actually use and have proven helpful for me personally. I have never been incredibly handy or mechanically inclined. I’m not the guy to call when a… Read more