What Kind of Freedom Do You Want?

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Every path, every decision, comes its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This is what makes personal finance so tricky. There are no right answers. There is only what’s right for you given what you want and what you’re willing to sacrifice. Only by clearly defining those two things can you start making financial decisions that truly give you the freedom you want.Read more…

How Financial Security Breeds Financial Freedom

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Security and freedom are my two biggest financial goals. One is a little boring and morbid, and the other is fun and exciting. But here’s the thing: by getting the boring and morbid stuff in place, it actually becomes easier to chase the things that are fun and exciting. The more financial security I have, the closer I get to my financial freedom.Read more…

This Is the Dream

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I realized the other day that in the last nine months I’ve moved a lot closer to the type of freedom I’ve wanted for years. And I’ve learned something in that time: when you find something that both excites you and scares you at the same time, you should start running towards that thing as fast as you possibly can.Read more…

What Does Financial Freedom Mean to Me?

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I’ve written before that most of my big money decisions are based on whether it helps me achieve either of my top two financial goals: Security Freedom Security is something I’ve valued for a long time. I’m generally a conservative person who likes to stay in my comfort zone, and I get a little uneasy when there are big rocks… Read more

What is Net Worth and Why is it Important?

Ever since I started using mint.com to track my budget several years ago, I’ve been fascinated by its tool to track my net worth. It became a something of a game to me, trying to make sure that it was increasing every single month. It was motivating, and that motivation improved my financial situation. Now I keep my own spreadsheet… Read more