The Whole Point of Dancing Is the Dance

The Whole Point of Dancing Is the Dance

I recently stumbled across a video that really struck a chord with me and I immediately knew I needed to share it with you.

A lot of times it feels like the point of all this financial stuff is to get somewhere. You want to be debt-free. Or you want to find a balance. Or you want financial freedom, or more income, or to buy a house, or the right investments.

It feels like there’s a destination. And once you get there you’ll feel better. Happier. Less stressed. In control.

I have that feeling myself all the time. And a lot of the time I don’t even know what the destination is. It just feels like I’m not there yet so I need to keep working.

And while it is important to plan for the future, and while you can build a better financial foundation, it’s also important to understand that there is no “there”.

There’s no destination. No point at which everything stops because you’ve made it and now you get to spend the rest of your life in that moment of being there.

Life is a series of moments. And the key to happiness, I think, is learning how to enjoy them as they happen. Which means that the key to personal finance is figuring out how to use your money to create a series of enjoyable moments.

The whole point of dancing is the dance.

Here’s the video. I hope you enjoy it!

Alan Watts – Why Your Life Is Not A Journey from David Lindberg on Vimeo.

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  • Matt @ Optimize Your Life August 30, 2016

    Thanks for a great reminder (and a great video)! If you cannot enjoy the present then money will not create a happy world for you.

  • Ree Klein August 30, 2016

    Stunningly beautiful and thought provoking…

    While I love the concept of journeys, I think Alan Watts has it right that we get too caught up in the destination to appreciate the journey (dance) itself.

    Thank you so much for this important reminder, Matt!

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